Pure relaxation at the foot of the Hunau
Vier oder sechs Tage Erholung pur am Fuße der Hunau - genießen Sie einen Kurzurlaub im Landhotel Albers.

Holiday with dog in Sauerland

Perfect holiday with dog in Schmallenberger Sauerland

Dogs are welcome guests at Landhotel Albers!

Dear dog owner and dog lover, Dear guest,
welcome to Landhotel Albers!

For your perfect holiday with a dog in Sauerland, you will find valuable tips and dog etiquette on this page. This guarantees a good coexistence of all guests and dogs in the hotel. This little "guide" has been compiled for dog owners and their four-legged friends.

Holidays with dogs are allowed in almost all rooms at the Landhotel Albers. However, some hotel rooms are reserved for allergy sufferers. The dogs must be registered when booking the room. The dog basket and the dog blanket are to be brought along. Dogs are charged - depending on size - from € 20 per night. Please bring your dog's food with you.

Information for everyday hotel life
Dog paws can be conveniently cleaned in the anteroom after a walk.
A bucket with a cloth is available there, and there is also a water connection.

Dogs are not allowed in the restaurant.
In accordance with the health authority's regulations, we are not allowed to place you in the main restaurant for hygienic reasons, as our buffet is located there. We will place you and your four-legged friend in the "dog-friendly" area outside the restaurant in the cosy Gaststube or in the Jagdstube.

Rules for masters
I am aware of the general rules, but here again for the safety of masters:

  • I have my own dog blanket or basket. Sofas or beds are only for two-legged people.
  • I am so well-behaved that no other guests are disturbed by barking.
  • I don't get fed in the restaurant and lie dutifully under the bench/table there.
  • I am always accompanied in the hotel and in the garden. So that my masters & mistresses don't get lost, I always lead them behind me on a leash.
  • I let the nice ladies who clean the room in every day. If I am alone in the room, the "Do Not Disturb" sign hangs on the outside of the door.
  • My big business is collected and disposed of by my master and mistress in the bag provided. There are dog toilets with bags for dog excrement all over the village. The meadows in Bödefeld are, among other things, fodder meadows; the farmers need the hay in winter. A single dog excrement bag makes an entire silo bale of hay (approx. 800 kilos) unusable.

For great doggy hours on holiday

Meaningful activity for humans and dogs in the Schmallenberg Sauerland:

  • I like to go hiking and take my master and mistress with me.
  • I love to run alongside the bike
  • I like to discover the most romantic and hidden corners of the holiday village Bödefeld
  • I like to drive a few minutes to Winterberg and love action in summer and in the snow.
  • I'm happy to ride with you for a few minutes to Schmallenberg
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