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Hospitality has tradition

For more than 100 years, hospitality has been our passion

More than 100 years old postcards prove it: Even back then, the Landhotel Albers had regular guests who enjoyed above all the service and the good food. The hotel in Bödefeld has now been family-owned for almost 200 years. The traces of time make for a unique ambience. If the old beams could tell stories, they would certainly tell of boisterous parties, romantic weddings, secret love affairs, exciting business meetings and a lot of joie de vivre.

"Johann Albers and Elisabeth Meier, 5 July 1827" - this inscription on the door beam above the entrance to the inn is the beginning of the chronicle of today's hotel. Initially, no one would have expected that the hotel would still be one of the most popular inns in the Sauerland region after 188 years. Johann Albers ran the bar as a sideline. The family earned most of its money from farming. But it was not until 1912 that people really stayed overnight at the Albers. At that time, the hospitality industry seemed more promising than ever to Joseph Albers. Holiday guests were accepted for the first time. The well-known quotation from Horace, "He who cultivates hospitality entertains, as it were, his soul", has been one of the family principles ever since.

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Johann Josef Friedrich Albers brought the inn to its true heyday at the beginning of the 20th century. After the years of privation during the First World War, he rolled up his sleeves and began to expand the inn. He knew even then how great people's longing was for rest and relaxation. In the Sauerland, time seemed to stand still for the guests. The suffering of the war receded into the background.

"It was not only the comfort, which was unusual for the time, that distinguished our house. The family atmosphere also made it something special," says Hermann-Josef Albers. In the past, when he was still a child, people would have raved about it.

In 1953, Joseph Albers bought the neighbouring house "Elsebeens". This building once belonged to the family as early as 1700, but was sold in the meantime. Another guest house was built on the property.

In 1961, Hermann Albers married Rosalinde Maria Schröder, a hotel manageress. She, too, brought new ideas to the development of the business. Gradually, employees were taken on. The number of guests rose and rose. The Sauerland became more and more popular as a holiday and local recreation region. "People sometimes queued up to get a table in the dining room or a free room," Rosalinde Albers recalled on the occasion of the 175th anniversary.

With the construction of the new guesthouse, the property suddenly expanded by 50 beds in the 1970s. The wellness factor was added: a swimming pool, solarium and fitness room have since been inviting guests to an unforgettable holiday for body, mind and soul in the midst of nature. The outdoor area also changed, a garden with a sunbathing lawn and a pedal pool invited guests to linger. And: the ski lift, which meanwhile also belongs to the hotel, started its operation. But that was not enough. The Albers bought the two neighbouring estates of the farmers Fronen and Piepers. Finally there was enough space to expand the dining and recreation rooms.

More and more holidaymakers travelled to Bödefeld. In the mid-80s, another extension was built. The family took great care to ensure that the style and size of the building fitted into the overall picture. The Albers did not think much of contemporary functional buildings - the right decision, as can still be seen today.

When Hermann-Josef Albers took over the house, he discovered a whole new clientele: conference guests. By buying the "Henkenhaus" opposite, he was able to set up modern conference rooms. Since then, more and more business clients are discovering the Sauerland as a seminar region - far away from noise, distraction and stress.

In recent years, the family expanded the property with a sun terrace and further conversions. "In the meantime, it has become a large complex. But as big as the house is - the family atmosphere and the history are in every corner. And that makes it something unique today," Katarina Albers is pleased to say.

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